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My Bucket List And Ideas For Yours


My Bucket List And Ideas For Yours

A few weeks ago I went through my archive while deleting pictures and documents. I  came across my bucket list. I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of bucket lists, reading people’s lists and saying ‘that’s on my list!’ I love creating lists!


 Life & Adventure

    • Be a maid of honor
    • Live on my own for a year  ✔
    • Attend a music concert
    •  Visit a castle
    •  Buy a house
    • Host a party 
    •  Attend an Opera 
    • Attend Coachella 
    •  Be a movie extra 
    • Swim with sharks
    • Jump from a waterfall
    • Start a podcast [update I have one now!] here!


  • Acquire my BSc
  • Master in Genomic science
  • Acquire a PhD
  • Get a job in Cancer research
  • Volunteer


    • Go on a solo trip
    •  Go on a cruise
    •  Go on a safari
    • Ride a Gondola in Venice
    •  Fly first class International 
    • Fly in a hot air balloon 
    • Visit a themed hotel room
    •  See all seven wonders of the world
    • Visit all seven continents
    •  Walk among the giant redwoods
    •   Fly on a private  jet


-      Write a sponsored blog post


-      Take a writing class [update, I have]✔

-      Take a cooking class

-      Learn how to paint decently

-      Learn Pottery [update, I have]✔

 So, that's all I have for now. I will be updating this post as I cross off items. The world is an incredible place and there's just so much for me to see and eventually I will!

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