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Embracing Chaos


Embracing Chaos

It’s been a minute since my last outpour of emotions, if you are reading this it means I have finally stopped overthinking and published these ramblings that have gone on in my head for too long. April began to feel like a sting and one hell of a month, I’ll share in chapters.

Chapter 1

The Great Friendship Vanishing


Picture this: two peas in a pod, partners in crime, the dynamic duo that could conquer the world. We laughed, we cried, and we shared secrets that were supposed to be taken to the grave. But, alas, friendships sometimes have an expiration date, and ours seemed to come with an unexpected twist.  One day, without warning, our connection fizzled out like a deflated balloon. A grand argument, a very dramatic exit—and a slow fade into the abyss of lost camaraderie. It left me puzzled, wondering if I had accidentally enrolled in an advanced course on the art of losing friends. But hey, life has its mysteries, and I became the unwilling protagonist in this tragicomedy of friendship gone astray. I loved Favour and I still find it funny how we are not friends anymore, funnier when I think about why. It was a daunting experience, I said things I wish I didn’t and heard her say things I never imagined I’d hear her say. If a friendship could break over something so minute, what even was the point?

Chapter 2

Party of One


A brave new world of solo adventures, dining alone became a gourmet experience, and talking to myself became more riveting.  Living alone suddenly became an opportunity to explore my own company and rediscover my independence. Sure, I became the master of watching entire TV series in a single weekend and perfected the art of procrastination, but in that solitude, I found a new sense of freedom. I now enjoy quiet days and most importantly, quiet mornings.

Chapter 3

Passion Quest


Ah, passion, that elusive creature that everyone seems to be chasing like a mirage in the desert. I delved into the sea of possibilities and stumbled upon hobbies, interests, and experiences that ignited a spark within me. From animation and scriptwriting classes to attempting yoga poses that seemed to defy the laws of physics, I embraced it all with fervor.  Of course, there have been moments of confusion and hilarious mishaps along the way. Through laughter and occasional embarrassment, I unearthed hidden talents and discovered a zest for life that had been dormant.

I know, this dump feels like hints here and there but that’s what I could make of everything going on.

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