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12 Random Facts About Me


12 Random Facts About Me

If you read my previous newsletter then you know it's no news that lately, I've been feeling a bit slow as regards blogging and I'm trying to get myself organized. I've decided to ease back slowly by doing a fun personal post and I'll be sharing some random facts about me and some cute photos. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did writing it.


1. I cry. Even the littlest things bring tears to my eyes, it could be because you ate snacks I kept for myself or because you yelled at me, don't let this fool you though, I am feisty. Recently I went to see the woman king and I'm sure everyone heard me while I cried at the sight of my fave character dying.

 2. I love taking pictures, certified picture freak i take pictures of everything and everyone.

 3. I always almost have a headache every day since I can remember. I was diagnosed with migraines early this year.

4. I'm the perfect mix of frugal and profligate. 

5. I have watched The Big Bang Theory 15 times, all episodes.


6. I am scared of the dark.

7. I  am a very deep sleeper, countlessly in boarding school, I would fall from the top bunk and would only realize when I woke up. 

8. I hate drugs, one time I was seriously ill and hated the smell of the tablets I was meant to take, I didn't take a single tab, I expected death but guess whose system healed itself? But of course, the drugs took all the credit.

9. I love cats, in the future, I hope I'm surrounded by lots of them.

 10. Thursday is my favorite day of the week.

11. This should have been number one, I am very big on love, and friendships, and I'm super in touch with my emotions.


12. Ice cream always, always cheers me up.

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